Thursday, March 27, 2008

Time Is on My Side

12 x 5
Side 1, Track 4
"Time Is on My Side" (Norman Meade) – 2:53
Wikipedia Note: "This is the "organ" version of this song, as opposed to the version with the guitar intro which appeared on The Rolling Stones No. 2."

Finally, a hit
although not the version I know. You see, the Stones apparently released this song twice, once with the organ intro (the version heard on this America-only album and in the YouTube clip above) and once with a guitar intro (on the UK release). Turns out the UK version was the hit, and the version heard on classic rock radio and included on subsequent greatest hits albums.

There was a reason why the guitar version became the hit and this one became forgotten. Compared to the hit, this version is pretty tame, with none of Mick's bluesy bluster and some rather sloppy background vocals.

Still, I have to give the band credit. This was maybe the most ambitious song they'd tackled up till that point, and they responded with a relatively sophisticated arrangement, and if they weren't able to get it right here, well, as long as they got it right eventually.