Wednesday, March 26, 2008


England’s Newest Hitmakers

Side 2, Track 2

"Carol" (Chuck Berry) – 2:33

Okay, now we're talking. No more of this blues crap, let's get to the rock and roll, amirite? No, but seriously, this track has some nice touches – the rhythm section drives hard, Mick's vocal doesn't have any of the tentativeness shown on the blues numbers, and Keith could really do a great Chuck Berry solo. But what's up with those handclaps? The Beatles had them too, on their cover of "Roll Over Beethoven". Was that a sixties thing? I don't really remember any other uptempo English tracks of the era having them. Hmm....

And did the Stones not have some kind of road manager in those days, someone who would remember to bring their guitar straps when they had a TV appearance? Was that a joke by the band?