Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Confessin' the Blues

12 x 5
Side 1, Track 2
"Confessin' the Blues" (Jay McShann/Walter Brown) – 2:47

This is the old Jay McShann blues song that everybody on earth has taken a stab at, and even here you can see why: the lyrics are pretty good and it has an interesting melody. Like most of the blues songs they've covered, the Stones are unable to do anything interesting with "Confessin'", although they are able to avoid embarrassing themselves (except for the harp player – why is he in the band again?).

Okay, I have to say it: white musicians should probably avoid playing blues music, and this is exhibit A as to why. There is nothing particularly offensive about the Stones' performance
this isn't just a case of one culture ripping off another. But as this track proves, white musicians are simply unable to do anything interesting with the blues, and thereby commit the worst sin for a performer: they are boring.