Sunday, May 4, 2008

Who's Been Sleeping Here?

Between the Buttons (USA version)
Side 2, Track 3
"Who's Been Sleeping Here?" – 3:55

A much better performance by Mick on this track. The track itself is a little strange – it sounds almost like one of Bob Dylan's early, tentative experiments with a full rock band, but without any of Dylan's lyrical facility:

What you say girl, who'd you see that night.
I was doing, doing something right.
The soldier, the sailor, then there's the three musketeers,
They'll now tell me now, who's been sleeping here.
Yeah, a fairy tale-themed rock song. Outside of Otis Redding, has anyone ever been able to pull this off without sounding idiotic?

(Three more songs left in this trying album. Let us pray I have the strength.)