Thursday, May 8, 2008

And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles Week)

The Beatles
"And Your Bird Can Sing"

One of my private treasures, a song I love that no one else seems to like much. It's those harmony lead guitars – why do they sound so cool here and so lame when Tom Scholz does it?

The song was recorded for Revolver, during the period when the band was heavily into the herbal jazz cigarettes, as Paul put it. That explains the giggling during this outtake:


Planet Mondo said...

A real overlooked gem, I actually prefer the Anthology release to the Revolver version

Anonymous said...

Sorry, nothing Tom Scholz does sounds lame. He has done some of the best guitar solos in 30 years, and the first BOSTON album continues to appear on the top rock albums in history.

Cheap and undeserved shot on Tom.