Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two of Us (Beatles Week)

The Beatles
Let It Be
"Two of Us"

Paul's great Every Brother's update. The eventual release played up the folk elements, but as can be seen from this rehearsal clip, the song started out more as a rocker:

There are some interesting things going on rhythm-wise, with odd bar lengths and whatnot. Also notable is the lack of bass – George filled in with some tasty country-flavoured low-string work on the Tele. But in the end, it's Paul and John, singing in harmony, the way they did for many years, and never did again after this album was released.


Planet Mondo said...

Have you heard Aimee Mann's cover of this ? Not bad

Nanker said...

Mondo, you are the king of alternate versions and covers. I'd never heard Aimee Mann's version, which is thankfully faithfull to the original both in tone and arrangement.

Planet Mondo said...

I must admit I am a total geek for this sort of the thing especially for Beatles Stones covers here's a few of the sonic oddities on my collection

Barbara Streisand - Life On Mars
William Shatner - Common People
Mae West - Great Balls Of Fire
Peggy Lee - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
Ella Fitzgerald - Savoy Truffle
Wynder K Frog - does a belting version of Green Door
Sammy Davis - You Can Count On Me (a vocal version of Haiwii Five O theme)
Anandar Shankar - Jumping Jack Flash

And there are uptown top ranking reggae covers worth tracking down.

Norma White - I Want Your Love
Randy's Allstars - Mission Impossible theme
Susan Cadogan - In The Ghetto
And Jackie Mittoo - Telstar

One of the best cover albums is...

Los Punkrockers - Exitos de Sex Pistols

A straight faced track for track rework of the Sex Pistols NMTB -truly unbelievable