Friday, May 2, 2008

(Baby) Don't Do It (nonstones)

Some songs, it's nearly impossible to get a crappy performance.

"(Baby) Don't You Do It" was released by Marvin Gaye in 1964, one of his series of hits at the time.

No chord changes!

The song then became popular among British rock bands. Here is The Small Faces (released on From the Beginning in 1967, but recorded much earlier):

And The Who (recorded during the Who's Next sessions in 1971, but ultimately left off the album):

That's Leslie West on lead guitar. If you want to see how unorthodox Keith Moon's drumming was, watch this guy show you how it's done. Smack that cymbal, son!

See also: Stevie Wonder, Pete Townshend.

The Band put an end to all that. They recorded several versions, released some. This version, the first I ever heard, is said to date to 12/28-12/31/71, at the Academy of Music, NYC:

But really, every version of the song I've heard them do has been an awesome cacophony.