Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let's Spend the Night Together

Between the Buttons (USA Version)
Side 1, Track 1
"Let's Spend the Night Together" – 3:36

This was the song famously censored by Ed Sullivan for the Stones appearance on his show – he made the band change the title lyrics to "Let's Frolic Through the Daisy Fields Together". In protest, Mick performed the song dressed as a giant ham, which of course later led to him being cast as Victor Vacendak in Freejack.

Never liked this song.


Ron said...

You should be blogging the Scorpions!
At least they rock!

Nanker said...

Nice try, but I am not going to get baited into listening to the Scrops.

Planet Mondo said...

Bowie did a fairly faithful update of it on Aladdin Sane - and funnily enough Bowie and Jagger did up spending the night together (according to Angie Bowies biog')

Nanker said...

Here is Bowie's version, which I'd never heard before:

I am always weirded out and a little frightened whenever Bowie steps into the rock and roll ring.