Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time Is on My Side (single version)

The Rolling Stones No. 2
Side 1, Track 4
"Time Is on My Side" (Norman Meade) – 2:58
Note: This is the version with the guitar intro, not the organ intro as on 12 x 5.

This is the hit (unlike the version on 12 x 5). As I said before, this is probably the most sophisticated song the Stones had attempted at this point, and they really put a good arrangement together. In retrospect, the performance lacks some fire, but it's easy to see here why the label was optimistic about the possibilities: a photogenic white band singing a catchy soul song with conviction (and even some originality) – someone smelled money.


Image courtesy of morethings.com "Rolling Stones 1964 Photo Galleries"