Monday, September 29, 2008

Let It Loose

Exile on Main St.
Side Three, Track Five
"Let It Loose" – 5:17

[Download link]

The Mick Voice has finally arrived. We have heard traces of it before, but I believe "Let It Loose" represents the first blossoming of this glorious flower. I previously described The Mick Voice as "jaw sticking out, severe underbite, slurring words all over the place — think of the first line of 'Angie'" and if this doesn't meet that description, nothing does.

There's nothing really interesting about this track apart from Mick. It is the most boring song on the album, and even Dr. John, who sat in on piano, can't distinguish this trifle.


Planet Mondo said...

I always though it was filler - but after about 20 years of playing it finally clicked and now I love it. Those horns, the call and response vocals at the end - it may be a slow grower, but it will 'steal your heart away' in the end

Great to have you back and good timing too (watch out for a Stones special on Funky Friday tomorrow)

Nanker said...

Thanks, I will check it out. (My prediction: there's a little "Slave" involved. I'm putting money on it.)

I picked up this book, which will hopefully help me make some sense out of the glorious mess that is Exile, particularly on some of the odder stylistic desicions -- like "Let It Loose".