Saturday, May 24, 2008

Out of Time

Track 5
"Out of Time" – 3:41

A song left over from the Aftermath sessions a year previously[*], "Out of Time" sounds much older than that – it reminds me a lot of early-60s Girl Group structure, with the melodramatic marimba opening and the backing vocals throughout. I can picture the Marvelettes doing this song. After dealing with two albums of experimental garbage, it is a relief to hear the Stones do something this old school, and do it so well.

The Mick Voice. I will be discussing this in the weeks to come. You know the Mick Voice: jaw sticking out, severe underbite, slurring words all over the place. Think of the first line of "Angie" – that is the Mick Voice. When I began this project, friend of the blog and general raconteur Ron Littlejohn challenged me to find the first overt instance of the Mick Voice. I don't think this counts, not exactly, but you can hear the very beginnings of the Mick Voice 46 seconds into the song as he sings tyeeyeeime. What do you think?

[* Aftermath sessions a year previously: it actually appeared on the British version of Aftermath – in fact, I was unable to track down the Flowers version for this post, which is a much-edited version of the British Aftermath release I included in the Youtube clip.]