Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Their Satanic Majesties Request
Track 8
"Gomper" – 5:08

There are some who would claim that Satanic Majesties is not merely a Sgt. Pepper's ripoff, but contains interesting and original ideas of its own. I mean, I think these people exist. If they didn't, I would have nothing to write here. These imaginary contrarians would have their work cut out for them attempting to explain "Gomper", a song which, in addition to lacking any redeeming artistic qualities, is a complete ripoff of the Beatles' "Within You, Without You", the dreary George Harrison "Indian" track on Pepper. Harrison was at least attempting something new – the Stones lack that excuse. An utterly pointless, derivative track.

(How derivative? "Gomper" has exactly the same track length as "Within You, Without You", to the second.)