Thursday, May 15, 2008

2000 Man

Their Satanic Majesties Request
Track 4
"2000 Man" – 3:07

Well, my wife still respects me, I really misuse her
I am having an affair with a random computer.
Don't you know I'm the 2,000 man
And my kids, they just don't understand me at all.
This is one of those songs where Mick attempts to sing like his name is not Mick Jagger – in this case, he thinks he's Ray Davies or something. It's almost amusing listening to him try to stretch the instrument. At least he gets to go back to being Mick for that odd bridge.

It's a very strange song, even within the context of this crazy, crazy album. It has the whole Kinks social commentary thing going on (there's a real "Well Respected Man" feel to the music), but while those guys looked back to the Victorian era for material Mick looks to the future – and maybe it's just retrospect talking, but Mick Jagger and science fiction do not go together very well.

Though I have to give him props: rhyming "misuse her" and "computer" was a masterstroke.

UPDATE: Kissfag and friend of the blog Ron Littlejohn passes this along:

Yup, that's gay.


Planet Mondo said...

Hey Nanker - have you heard those new mashups made from Stones tracks. Check 'em out here

PS I'll get that Damned/Stones cover to you later today