Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Route 66 (live)

December's Children (And Everybody's)
Side 1, Track 6
"Route 66" (live) (Bobby Troup) – 2:39

"Live" version of the song they did on England's Newest Hitmakerslive in quotes because there's some doubt that this track (and the others that ended up on Got Live If You Want It!) were actually recorded in front of an audience. What is not in dispute is the quality – where the sound on the previous studio release was tentative and uninterested, here it's raw and vital. Keith's intro is enough to alert the listener that you can't just be a passenger here, you've got to run as fast as you can just to keep up. The band maintains the frenetic energy through a great Keith solo right until the end. Rated ten for sheer awesomeness.