Monday, April 7, 2008

It's All Right

Out of Our Heads (USA version)
Side 1, Track 6
"It's All Right" (Live) (Nanker Phelge) – 2:23
Recorded live in March 1965 in England


The song I'm All Right was not recorded live in London in 1965 but probably at CHESS Sound Studios, Chicago, May 1965. The same backing tracks appeared with re-recorded vocals by Mick and Keith on the 1966 live album Got Live If You Want It! By 1966 the song also had changed it's title from I'm All Right to It's Alright. And the song credit changed from Nanker Phelge to Jagger/Richards. Who was to blame?

How could these backing tracks be recorded at Royal Albert Hall 1966, when you clearly hear that they are the same as those recorded in 1965?

According to others sources, The Rolling Stones did only play 6 songs at Royal Albert Hall, due to riots and It's Alright wasn't one of them.

I'm not exactly sure why this song was released on this album – an undercomposed studio jam with a fake live audience superimposed doesn't really fit in with the rest of the tracks. As noted, however, it does rock hard.

The obvious antecedent is the Isley Brother's great 1959 hit "Shout", which shares not only the I-vi chord changes and bass line but the call-and-response vocal feel.

Image courtest of Vertigo Magazine.