Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flight 505

Aftermath (USA version)
Side 2, Track 1
"Flight 505" – 3:27

I'm going to quote the entry from, a great Stones resource:

19 Seconds into this track, Ian Stewart plays the riff of Satisfaction on piano, before the rest of the band launch into the song.

Brian Jones plays Cembalo. Odd choice, being the Rolling Stones™' attempt to match the version of Rock and Roll Music (Berry) by The Beatles. You can distinguish his Cembalo playing by listening for a crisp sounded piano sound popping up from time to time, especially during the lead breaks. But you can hear two guitar players. And both must have been played by Keith, because they sound too similar in context to each other, than being the ideas of two different brains. In fact the guitar riff Keith played on Flight 505 would 7 years later turn up as the guitar riff of Star Star.

A track with lot of bass. The third bass, right, was Bill Wyman doing the Paint-It-Black-trick: hammering (with his fists) at the organ (bass) pedals. This was Bill's fetish during the recordings in 1966. And don't forget his bass slides. At 3:00 an organ starts to play in the right channel. Probably Bill during the same overdub as the pedals.

Second song Mick Jagger mentions the digits 505. The first time was during the song You Can't Catch Me. Both had something to do with altitude!


Planet Mondo said...

It's great hearing these song in isolation - I've got a few stones treats tucked away if you're interested vid clips, bootleg remixes and funky covers etc...

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