Friday, January 16, 2009

Silver Train

Goats Head Soup
Side Two, Track One
"Silver Train" – 4:27

[Download link]

How is it that I don't know this song? I mean, I've probably listened to every Stones album at least a dozen times in my life – why is it that this little rocker failed to lodge itself in my memory? Oh right: the song itself is unremarkable.

There is really not much to "Silver Train" apart from the chugga-chugga-chugga rhythm section – there aren't even any chord changes until 60 seconds into the song. Mick isn't quite as distracting here as he is on the rest of the album (although it's becoming increasingly clear that he has left any subtlety he once had behind), but there aren't any vocal hooks, or instrumental flourishes, or anything at all that would cause the song to linger in one's memory.

So why have I been listening to it on repeat for the last hour and a half?

You'll want to check this clip out for Mick's ridiculous wardrobe:

You may also enjoy Johnny Winter's version of "Silver Train" – released 6 months before the Stones' version.