Saturday, November 8, 2008

Coming Down Again

Goats Head Soup
Side One, Track Three
"Coming Down Again" – 5:54

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Why does every song on this album sound like a Tattoo You reject?

That's probably unfair. It's just that I heard Tattoo first, as an impressionable young man. If I was born in 1961 instead of 1971 I would probably be commenting on how the Stones ripped off their own Goats Head album to make Tattoo.

Anyway. "Coming Down Again" is an almost impossibly vanilla ballad, overproduced and 70s-mellow in that way I hate so much. Wikipedia tells me that

"Coming Down Again", in the words of Tom Maginnis, "...concerns the well-worn topic of love gone bad." The lyrics tell of Richards' relationship with then-girlfriend Anita Pallenberg and his taking of her from Brian Jones.
Heavy. I'd love to hear how Keith approaches this soul-bearing topic...
Slipped my tongue in someone else's pie
Tasting better every time
He turned green and tried to make me cry
Being hungry it ain't no crime
Oh. Wow, Keith. What say you never write lyrics again, okay?

Also, Mick's funny backing vocals.


Planet Mondo said...

Not a fan of this tune either- seems like the Stones at their sloppiest, rather than loosest