Thursday, August 14, 2008

Loving Cup

Exile on Main St.
Side Two, Track Four
"Loving Cup" – 4:23

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A little bit of trivia: of the first nine songs on Exile, four of them start their verses on chords other than the tonic. "Rocks Off" and "Sweet Virginia" start on the IV, "Torn and Frayed" and "Loving Cup" being the verse on the V. Unusual, if not particularly notable. Can you sense that I have nothing to say about this track?

Here's a clip of the Stones playing the song around the time of its release. The performance is not particularly notable, but Keith is wearing one of the greatest belts I have ever seen. Even Vinnie Pazienza would have been embarrassed to wear that thing into the ring.

Another piece of trivia: this is the third Youtube clip I have posted where Keith has forgotten to bring a guitar strap to a television taping. What's that all about?