Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wild Horses

Sticky Fingers
Track 3
"Wild Horses" – 5:44

It's Ballads Day here at Blogging the Stones. But I have to tell you, "Wild Horses" really suffers in comparison to "Sway".

I am of two minds when it comes to "Wild Horses". I can see what the band was going for, a pop-sounding ballad with a catchy sing-along chorus. It's obvious they succeeded in their attempt. But... I don't know. The tone of regret is so contrived, especially after the soul-baring on "Sway". I know, I know: it's the Stones – everything they did was contrived. But I can't help but think that "Wild Horses" was a song for their fans, and "Sway" was a song for themselves.

God, we're only three songs into Sticky Fingers and already there's two great songs I have extremely mixed feelings about. Luckily, the songs that follow seem to be less ambiguous.

Instead of posting a bunch of links to the lame covers inspired by the Stones recording, I'll just post this. Because, honestly, there is nothing funnier than Mick posing for the cameras in the studio.

And one more, from the L.A. Forum, July 13, 1975 – just for the pics!