Sunday, June 29, 2008

Live with Me

Let It Bleed 
Track 4 
"Live with Me" – 3:36

[Download here.]

Huh. I always thought "Bitch" came first. Go figure.

That's the instantly-identifiable Bobby Keys on sax – I didn't even have to look it up, his sound is unmistakable. This is his first recording with the Stones, but not his last – he will go on to play on virtually every album that follows, along with most of their tours.

That Charlie Watts four-on-the-floor really kicks ass. Mick really has his slur working. That Keith harmony in the verses is a neat touch. But overall, this is another one of those songs I've always loved but couldn't really explain why.


Planet Mondo said...

This tune is the template for so many acts and sleazy themes from Rocky Horror Show, Alice Cooper to Bowie's glitter period. Rocking.

Nanker said...

It really is an over-the-top number, from the honking sax to Mick's leering vocal. For some reason, I only thought the Stones did over-the-top on their shitty tunes, but this one proves otherwise.