Friday, May 30, 2008

Sittin' On A Fence

Track 12
"Sittin' On A Fence" – 3:03

This is what God GammelDags has to say about this track:

Sittin' On A Fence sounds like Mick Jagger accompanied by studio musicians. It could have been a demo for one of their songs for other artist to record with Mick Jagger on vocal backed by Studio Musicians and later mistakenly reckoned as a Rolling Stones recording by Allen B. Klein and London Records. Most fans liked it, so why bother?

However, there's a reason why these 'new' tracks were kept hidden in the vaults for years. Keith Richards has not ever since come close to playing his acoustics in such a leading manner as this. Jimmy Page in the right channel on acoustic lead guitar?

But compared to the rest of the songs recorded at that time it then sounds very odd. It is rumored that The Glimmer Twins wrote the song during the Scandinavian tour, June 24th - 29th 1965, while in Sweden. You can actually pin point the recording date to the same as Ride On, Baby. Both has a verse arranged for Vocal and Harpsichord. Very typical Aftermath.
He's got a point about the musicianship on this track – it is very definitely not a typical Stones track. I am not sure how things worked back then, so I don't know how likely the theory about studio musicians is.

The critical consensus seems to be that this is a charming trifle, a sweet little piece of throwaway pop music. I am not sure what I think of it, although I know I don't hate it. That sounds kinda shitty written like that, but to be perfectly honest, I have now blogged ten Stones albums, and I have probably lost all perspective when it comes to the band. Luckily, the next album on my plate is a surefire winner.